customized services

If you do not see a service in our list that you are looking for, just ask... we take custom requests.


Indexing - Data Entry

Document indexing is critical to the success of a document conversion or imaging/retrieval system. Our team of data entry specialists are dedicated to the accuracy and integrity of indexing scanned documents. We can also use a clients existing database to electronically populate indexing fields. Whether you require hand-key verification, barcode reading, zone-ocr or an electronic transfer of data, Data Engineering provides the expertise to ensure documents are indexed accurately for easy retrieval.

Custom File Naming

Indexing fields are used for search criteria in custom file naming or in a document management system.  

With a paper filing system, it was common to have a filing cabinet with drawers of like type records.  Within the drawers were folders, with a name on each folder tab (Ex. Patient Name, Student Name, Vendor, etc) and possibly a verification as in date of birth.  Within the folder were documents which were filed in date order.  If you were looking for a paper record, you would find the folder and then look through the pages in the folder.  In this paper scenario, Index Field #1 would be the folder title or "Patient Name", and a second verification Index Field #2 would be "Date of Birth".  The patient name and date of birth would be used to name the e-files. 

Patient Name_DOB.pdf

Document Preparation

We can add special document prep rules.  For example, if there is a certain type of a document you would like separated from the scanning, we can do that during prep.  Let us help you find mis-filed documents.

Optical Character Recognition - OCR

After the documents have been scanned, we can run an additional OCR step to capture the searchable content of the documents.  With Adobe Acrobat and PDF format, you will be able to search across documents for a specific word or phrase.

Large & Medium Format

Documents which are larger that legal size - 11 x 17.  We can accommodate any size documents.