Life is Good again with our 24/7 support services.


We offer 24/7 Support on any of our Scanning Services, Software or Storage.  We can be your document management software administrator and support team.


On Demand Hours

It's simple, you can Pay As You Go or purchase a block of support hours. 

$150 per hour.

Pre-Paid Hours

This is our most popular plan.  Purchase a Block of Support Hours that never expire.  It allows you to have a predictable cost.

 $75 per hour for a 25 hour block.

Monthly Plan

An extra level of support, and with our Monthly Plan we provide just that.  It allows you as a client to have a predictable cost on a monthly basis. 

Pricing will be at a flat rate per month.  With a monthly support plan, the hourly rate is $50.00 per hour.  The number of hours will determined by project and budget.  Monthly plans start at 10 hours per month minimum.